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10 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Hosting Plan

Resources, within cloud hosting, are spread across more than one web server and are made available whenever needed via servers. The data can be accessed at any time and you don’t have to pay for the additional capacity. Cloud hosting has become very popular thanks to the advent of the Linux cloud server.

Let’s look at 10 factors when choosing a cloud hosting plan.

1. Reliability

Your website needs an expert and reliable web hosting service provider with years of experience. Read testimonials and reviews of established clients before making a decision.

2. An Industry Expert

The service provider should be familiar with the software that your company uses. They should anticipate the needs of most enterprises and be able to successfully compete with others.

3. User-friendly Control Panel

It is important to have user-friendly hosting control panel so that you give more time to your business rather than spending time on figuring out things with the technical support.

4. Scalability

Your cloud server hosting provider’s scalability needs to be evaluated through points such as servers, bandwidth, data warehouses, etc. Will they be able to improve service levels with the growth of your business?

5. Security

Since you will store your company’s most important data in the cloud, it is essential to determine the security layers available within the application. How will the cloud provider protect your data from hackers, thefts, and viruses? Many service providers have their own cloud technology and data center.

6. Site Uptime Guarantee

If you want your website to perform well, site uptime is an essential element that you need to look into. Hire a web host having stable network connections and good servers.

7. Training and Support

Ensure that your service provider gives the necessary training with the cloud software so that you are able to use it to its full potential. Also, make sure that they handle support inquiries if any.

8. Backup and Recovery

Enquire about backup and recovery plans from your cloud provider for both, the platform and the data. You need to make sure that the data of your company is safely backed up with a reliable recovery plan.

9. Pricing

Ensure that you are told about pricing of the plans before purchasing the package. Hire a web hosting service provider that offers flexible pricing according to your needs.

10. Viability

Many cloud service providers are relatively new in the market, therefore consider the cloud provider’s financial stability.

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