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Advantages of Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting

Advantages of Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting

We hear the word ‘bandwidth’ almost every time our internet starts to crawl. It is actually not the internet fault. The drop in productivity, especially due to an under-performing website can be pretty embarrassing for you, your website (which you have built painstakingly) and your business.

This makes understanding ‘Bandwidth’ and ‘Unmetered Bandwidth’ essential. The lure to possess an unlimited bandwidth hosting for your website/e-store or platform is tremendous. The only way you can judge for yourself (as to where to get bandwidth hosting from), is by being literate about it first.  Check out our unlimited bandwidth VPS plans that comes with huge bandwidth that you would never be able to consume at all.

Need For Bandwidth Hosting
You probably are a website or e-store owner, who earns a decent living through the pages that run on your website. These website pages of yours are content-heavy. Audio plugins, video players, large images, and app install tend to make your website quite heavy.

Now, when a user tries to connect to your website, there is a connection (or data transfer) that occurs from the client/user to your server, upon which your website opens on the user’s browser. Now, how much data transfer to and fro is based on bandwidth? The wider this band the better. If you receive an unlimited data transfer hosting, then it’s your Diwali. We do offer premium Linux reseller hosting that comes with unmetered bandwidth options.

What an Unmetered Bandwidth?
Now, you all must have heard and know the meaning of an ‘unlimited bandwidth’. It simply means, a no-limit on bandwidth being received. It definitely isn’t free. Nothing in the world is. An unlimited bandwidth package is offered by different providers to let you utilize a decent amount of data transfer first, cost-free.

This, however will be charged as and when a certain cap is breached. Hidden costs are frequent when it comes to unlimited bandwidth hosting packages. For example, a 2GB per month free bandwidth is great, but what if you utilize only 1GB of bandwidth in a month?

Unmetered bandwidth, on the other hand, is more transparent. It is simply non-metered, which means, there are no tabs on it. You apply for certain unmetered bandwidth server with a reputed hosting company, such as HostJinni.com, and then pay only to what rate has been agreed.

You also use only what is needed. Therefore, understand your traffic patterns to get an idea of the bandwidth hosting package that suits your website. Consistency and performance are the two metrics that a good bandwidth hosting company should deliver on…and most times, they do.

Most important advantage of unlimited bandwidth hosting with HostJinni.com - Best Hosting Company India is that we wont raise any concern about your bandwidth usage at all in any condition except unethical usage.

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