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Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting Services

Virtual Private Server has an Operating System of its own. You can utilize this technology for its multitude of benefits over ordinary servers. VPS servers offer paramount protective features and boosted performance. There are a number of companies offering VPS hosting in India and Windows operating system is one of the best Windows VPS hosting India is a compelling solution for individuals as well as companies who run complicated applications and heavy-traffic websites and in a environment which is well protected.

You can avail Windows VPS Hosting Plans for being cost-effective, productive and protected. These plans are well secured by Quick Heal AV and supported by Microsoft certified adept professionals. The VPS servers of Windows are powerful and enable proficient and deft business management. Avail the Windows VPS services especially their on-demand services on Cloud for a superb, dependable maestro performance at an economical rate.

Core Characteristics of Windows VPS Hosting Solutions

You will benefit from the free installations and quick stationing.

It enables full core access to regulate the virtual private server

It enables VPS server to shutdown, boot, reboot independently and quickly.

It helps the Hyper-V technology of Microsoft to fabricate a virtualized platform.

You will be ensured of distinctive IP addresses, RAM and assigned disk space.

You will gain access to illimitable web hosting

For superfluity it is endowed with 24 GB DDR3 RAM4 drives in RAID10.

You will be provided with free remote and weekly backups too.

VPS plans offered by Windows can be completely personalized to meet your specific hosting requirement and can be advanced in future.

It is extremely protected to safeguard from attacks.

Pre-configured to augment the performance of critical services

Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting services

It will help in the shutting down, rebooting and booting your server, checking status and keeping a check on disc usage.

It will provide maximum uptime for your critical applications of business.

You will enjoy ace performance with 99.5% of network connectivity and high speed.

It will keep your system fairly secured from virus attacks.

It is flexible enough to enable the installation of accordant software applications.

Scale your VPS server to various levels of usage, depending on your business requirements

Cost-effective and less expensive services compared to dedicated


Thus, Windows VPS hosting provides extremely protected, fast hosting services, enhanced search engine optimizations and maestro performances Windows dedicated web hosting is the ideal choice for large demanding businesses and weighty traffic websites. Host Jinni is an established Windows VPS hosting service provider offering you maximum personalization, configuration, flexibility and unrivaled support and is well protected and of high speed. For all these scores of benefits, these VPS hosting services have become a part and parcel of our lives. If you are still not using these services, you are incurring a great loss.

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