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Are Dedicated Servers Good Enough for Your Business?

We believe that servers are definitely one of the best resources which a company could use to promote their business. Some of the factors which might be attractive for various businesses are –

The Server resources are not shared among others – The full resources of a server are given to a user when they subscribe to a dedicated server. As a result of this, there is no need to worry about clogging up of the CPU and RAM of the computer. Using a dedicated server, one can also ensure that bad scripts or harmful applications are not present on the network to slow it down.

Better security and performance – Uptime is guaranteed in order to ensure maximum speed for the website. A dedicated server is great for large and medium companies which have huge incoming traffic. This because of the fact that in order to cope with large traffic dedicated servers provide a large amount of stability and reliability as compared to shared services. It is also the best feature to ensure that there is no malware or spammers in the network. Using such dedicated servers various sensitive transactions could be handled very easy which are done FTP or SSL.

Bandwidth and Disk Space – When it comes to shared hosting packages, the disk space, as well as the bandwidth which is allotted to you, is very limited due to the fact that other websites are also sharing the server. When it comes to dedicated hosting facilities, bandwidth, as well as disk space, are unlimited as there is a large amount of space which is available. 

Flexibility – The dedicated servers are very useful for enabling a client to use much more flexibility when it comes to catering to different needs as far as CPU, disk space, Ram and even the software is concerned. With the shared hosting facilities there are several restrictions when it comes to operating software and related computer environment. Most of the times they do not offer the required software required by the clients.  Using a dedicated server the organization can deal with the various environmental changes which they encounter and they can specifically choose the operating platform as well as operating software. This gives them much more control over their website.

Security Facilities: When it comes to shared hosting, the required safety features such as firewalls and security system are installed by the hosting service provider himself. So the amount of effort required for installing security facilities is low. But on these servers, the threat of malware is high because several users are using the same network and there is no control of one over the other. But in the case of a dedicated server, security is the responsibility of the sole user. Also, the user is in control of the security system he installs. This results in much less amount of malware, spyware and deadly viruses.

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