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Benefits of windows dedicated hosting services

Most beginners in the web hosting world are not aware of the features and the pros and cons of the web hosting companies. In this article you will have an insight of windows dedicated server web hosting – benefits.

What is a dedicated server?

The operating system of this server uses either Linux or Windows software to host its services on the web. This type of service is very useful for chain companies that are related or for websites that have a lot of traffic. Clients can customize the system independently though the configurations are done by the operating company which means that the copyright belongs to the hosting company and not the client. This is why this type of hosting services is preferred largely.

Most eCommerce businesses require large storage space and very high security and since this is offered by dedicated servers, there is always a great demand for this type of servers.

Benefits of windows dedicated hosting 

1.When you use windows hosting you can access NET technologies like ASP from your windows platform.

2.It can support MS SQL and Net framework while at the same time the ASP.NET technology along with additions like perl and php.

Windows has the advantage of allowing you to work with ASP.NET and ASP along with very popular additions and scripts like PHP/MySQL.

For those companies having huge database, the windows dedicated server is the right choice.

Database access is possible only on the windows platform and not with the Linux platform.

With your windows server platform you can use the best business solutions like Microsoft CRM, share point services, exchange etc. 

Windows servers can be accessed via remote desktops and the same windows XP program features can be got easily without having to upload additional utilities like VNC and Radmin etc. 

However, since dedicated windows hosting may seem a bit more expensive than the Linux one, most start-up companies prefer the Linux hosting services. But at the same time one should realize that the cost is because of the licenses that are meant for the total security of your website. You can be assured of the best security and no chance of spammers or hackers getting to your domain that easily. Besides you also will enjoy the best 24/7 administrative and customer services and support.

To sum up, dedicated windows server is the choice of most people, especially for those who know everything about hosting. On the other hand, for those who do not understand much about hosting, windows platform becomes the right choice because it is versatile and easy to operate. 

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