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Choosing The Right Shared Web Hosting Package

What is shared web hosting?
It is when a single web server hosts many websites at a time enabling customers to share servers with each others account.

Linux or windows web hosting: when all required files are stored in the Linux OS server it is Linux web hosting and for windows its stored in the Widows OS server. Earlier websites had only HTML pictures and files and users would add all these pictures and files to a particular site for viewing. However, today the trend has changed with the introduction of database like MSSQL and MySQL using script language, database, disc space, unlimited traffic and storage, etc.

What to look for when choosing a good Linux Hosting India shared web hosting package

1.Script language: This is a compilation of codes that are on the web server used to access its resources and turn them into the HTML language that is visible to users.  This script language can be seen in different browsers like Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Besides, the ASP, PHP and ASP net are hidden due to other reasons or sometimes for statistical purposes.

2.Data base: When choosing a web hosting plan it is very important to select one that comes with at least five to ten database so the storage capacity is higher and can be handy even at a later time.

3.Traffic and disc space: Provides that amount of files or data that you store on the web servers hard disk. Though many web hosting companies offer from 10GB to 100GB storage it is advisable that you choose just 1GB of storage space to start blog writing. However, if you are planning on a bigger business of around 1000 visitors each month or more a storage data base of around 60KB should be fine.

4.Support and price: When compared to Linux web hosting, windows is more expensive since it pays license. Linux comes free and hence the web hosting company charges lesser. However, be smart when choosing Windows or Linux as certain companies try to charge the same rate as Windows for Linux as well. However, certain reputed companies do charge the same rate for both considering their guarantee of service satisfaction.
5.Accredited company: It is always better to choose an accredited company and pay a bit more than to compromise on the price and end up with a company that does not have time for after sale services. Check if the company is a member of the Best Business Bureau (BBB) or TRUSTe.

Be very meticulous in choosing the right windows shared web hosting package so that your business can grow steadily without having to face any hassles due to technical reasons related to the website. 

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