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Comparison between Linux and Windows Shared Hosting

Setting up an online business can be a cake walk if you are aware of which web hosting you are going to use. However, since this is a wide choice many start-up companies do have a problem in which operating system will bring in more profits to their online business. It is especially for those that are entirely new to the world of online business. This should not be a problem after you read this article that gives you a simple outline of the comparison between Linux and windows shared hosting.

Linux and windows have their own operating systems and both are equally used by many hosting companies. However, each one has its own specific features and hence they have their own pros and cons as well. Let’s place these two hosting platform techniques in a nutshell.

Linux shared hosting

Linux is a popular system that evolved from UNIX and has found a good place in the operating systems today because of its cost effectiveness and reliability. Most of the bloggers prefer to use Linux for setting up their personal blogs because of its cost effectiveness. It uses the cPanel or the WHM which is very versatile and popular among PC users. This system is reliable and is less exposed to cyber-attacks. Its net fronts are always on the go making alterations and updating continuously to keep the platform safe and secure for users.   

Those using open software like Perl, PHP, MySQL or WordPress will find Linux the right option as these can work with windows server as well, but they perform much better with the Linux platform. However, a common disadvantage with shared web hosting is that you can’t control the many ad-sites and pop-ups that appear from time to time since a single website hosts many platforms.

Windows shared web hosting

This is a web hosting platform that has been developed by Microsoft and is very prominent among internet users. More than 80% of users choose this platform because of its simplicity and easy to use tools and most of all its compatibility. Besides, its features are unique that are not present in any other operating systems. For instance, COM objects can be easily incorporated into the windows programmer. It can also manipulate other servers like MSSQL very easily. However, with all these user friendly features, the only drawback is its licensing fee that may seem rather high. But this is because it offers you the privilege of hosting any other application using the same server. Applications like MS-SQL and ASP.Net are all possible backups which at the same time MySQL database and PHP blog can also be hosted using the same server.

Summing up on Linux and windows shared hosting 

Though in performance both may be the same, the choice of the user depends on the purpose for which it is meant. Most start-up companies prefer the cheaper one Linux shared which will do the same job as that of the windows shared. However, as the business grows the need for a better platform will surely arise. This is when again the choice depends on the software that you are using for your programs.

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