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Content Management System (CMS) hosting

What is CMS? 
CMS is an electronic system featuring editing, publishing and modifying contents and site from one central page. It offers collection of computer based and manual procedures to manage in a collaborative environment. The shelf life of CMS is two to three years, but changes made to site templates keep them away from complete overhaul. 

Content Management System is used widely today in one or another form. This system includes web application allowing users to modify, create and publish various contents including images, text, banners and also video clips easily and effectively. 

CMS Software is usually free and open source. This software offers a framework and allows its developers to customize changes. The attractive advantage of this hosting is you can manage multiple sites at one time. The different CMS available are: 

VAE is all in one CMS and marketing platform for email. It allows building HTML pages of CSS files without using modules,   templates or blocks.
Light CMS features web designers having 80 templates.
Business Catalyst is hosted by business owners and features all-in-one including e-commerce, blogging, e-mail marketing, CRM and analytics.
Webvanta facilitates selecting from templates list
Squarespace focuses in-context editing and design


A normal website focuses on creating as a brochure, selling products online and soliciting business through results. It is programmed using HTML or XHTML language. The advantages include- Create and host easily, low cost and quick download on low bandwidths. The disadvantage is frequent updates making it expensive and lengthy procedures.

A CMS website enables editing, updating and deleting through MSSQL, MySQL or ACCESS using languages ASP, PHP or ASP.net. Advantages include- Altering the contents without HTML code or web designer. Disadvantages- slow bandwidths, higher initial cost and complex contents needs trained hands

There is no rule to choose a CMS, even the least optimum combination at economic cost is a justifiable pick.

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