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Creating Tables in a Database with phpMyAdmin

It is quite easy to create a table in the mysql database using phpmyadmin.

If you need to create a new table in the database, first you will have to create a database from database wizard.

Once your database is created, you need to select the database and enter the Name of the new table you want to create in mysql database.

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After this step, you have to provide number of fields in this table that you want to create.

Now enter the details of each field within the new table.

The first field will be called id, and it will be an integer that’s 4 characters in length.

We also want this first field to be the Primary key that will be automatically filled in (auto_increment) when new entries are added under this table.

Selecting this option makes the id field the Primary key in the table.

The remaining fields will be CHAR (character) fields. Be sure the length is set long enough to accommodate the fields.

When finished, click Save and your table with the required fields has been created.

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