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Different type of Website Hosting

In web hosting, there are different kinds of website hosting plans are available and you could choose any one of them according to your website requirements. There is a Shared Hosting plan, WordPress hosting plans, Virtual private hosting plans VPS and Dedicated hosting plans.

Shared Hosting: Is one of the inexpensive server plans. Most websites owner choose this hosting category as this is affordable and most of the websites are preside in shared hosting. It comes with a lot of fundamental web features such as E-mail, Word press, E-commerce. You will also be sharing a common server with other websites. 

This plan is suitable for beginners and small websites. If you are planning to sale web hosting to your clients, you can opt for reseller hosting plans and sell to your customers. The widespread or trafficking of a particular website can influence the other websites that share the same server so if your website is bit loaded and need premium attention, choose VPS.

Virtual Private Server (VPS): this is good for website that are loaded with lot of features and having good amount of traffic and where owner of the website need full control on the server and don’t want to share its server with others. There is bit expensive compare to the shared hosting plans as you own a private server. VPS Hosting Server are recommended for all those who need full control on the server.

It comes with a few dedicated resources like RAM, processor, SSD web space and dedicated ip and all. With better server management privileges. Even if the other sites create load on server, you will be out of trouble as you are not sharing your server with them.

Dedicated Server hosting plans: These dedicated servers are a good choice for the large organization or extremely heavy web portals who cater thousands of customers simultaneously.  They are expensive when compared to the others. They are favoured with popular websites for entire control and privacy and much more reasons. You will be able to manage this completely with your choice. You will have total control of this.

Cloud Hosting plans: They have the necessary features to give out various web files to many servers. Making use of this plan sometimes the website can go to a low level if there is an unforeseen load on one server, in such cases, if a particular server fails to host your website then an additional server will immediately begin to serve your website customers. This can be considered as one of the safest hosting platform.

 These are some features that you could look into when you are deciding to choose a web hosting plan like :
 • Location of your hosting server should be closer to you and your users.
• The plan that you choose should be able to balance the traffic that you will receive.
• It should be cost-effective and technical help should be available to you around the clock.

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