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Excellent eCommerce Web Hosting VPS Server

Excellent eCommerce Web Hosting VPS Server

Everything has become online now-a-days and most of the business owners are planning to set up eCommerce sites to take their store onto a global market. Hosting online stores is not similar to hosting any other business websites. It takes lot of efforts and time and a proper planning to choose a compatible and efficient eCommerce hosting service. But there is no need for you to worry because our experienced team will take care of your eCommerce web website completely.

A bad eCommerce website may leave a bad remark on the complete company. So it is important to maintain the website in a perfect manner to attract the customers from all over the world. HostJinni.com as a best eCommerce Web Hosting Company in India will equip your site with all the requirements and features that an eCommerce Website should possess.

Server Compatibility

With the advancement of technology, people started shopping through various devices like mobiles, PCs and tablets. Any eCommerce website must be compatible enough to support all types of screens resolutions without any hassle. We provide with the best eCommerce hosting VPS server that runs fast and serve and supports your website on any device without dropping a visitor.

SSL Service

The website is supported with SSL (secure socket layers) that helps in keeping the site secured. There is no need for you to worry about the security of the site. It is completely managed with the most entrusted technology. Our team travels an extra mile to provide you with the best in class security. We won’t compromise on any aspect and give you the perfect web hosting at an affordable cost. Free SSL service will ensure a safety to your website and will also boost your visitor confidence in your eCommerce portal.


HostJinni experts will help you to choose the best plan to support your eCommerce hosting need especially storage which could be a major requirement of the eCommerce website. Different eCommerce sites need different types of storage which is why we provide various storage options for different websites. You can select the best website according to your requirement or take our experts help. The storage space is flexible and can be accessed according to the usage of the users. Our Linux eCommerce Hosting VPS is designed to give the customers feasibility to increase or decrease the storage space based on their requirement.

Varied Configuration

We provide various eCommerce hosting plans for you in which you can decide your complete requirement of web space, RAM, CPU processor, and bandwidth limit so your website is not restricted to serve your users buying online.

Why Us?

This is the biggest question that pops up in anyone’s mind. We are honored to answer your question. We have been offering eCommerce hosting service to various giant players of eCommerce industry and our experts are always there to make sure that our service and servers are up and running and serving efficiently.

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