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Expert Tips For Choosing the Right Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting indicates one physical server with allocated resources is hosted on a single server is shared among many users.

The shared hosting platform user has own limit on services such as email accounts, disk space, monthly traffic, databases, FTP accounts, etc.

Precisely, all performance resources the CPU and RAM, MySQL server, single Apache and Single Mail server are distributed on a shared basis. This is the most economical website hosting as the expenditures get distributed by more users.

Why shared web hosting?

Shared Web hosting service is also referred as virtual hosting service. It denotes a web hosting service that has many websites placed on one server maintaining separate portion.

Shared hosting is regarded to be an economical service as the server maintenance is shared by many people. It is identical to a coin having two sides; it has its benefits and drawbacks.

The benefits are:

Cost-effectiveness. The low cost is because many together take care of its maintenance.

Technical support is ensured and is appropriate for newcomers in business.

PHP assistance and Multiple emails are the great benefits. People lacking hosting knowledge can opt for good technical assistance.

Shared hosting- Why not?

There are drawbacks with benefits for shared hosting and they include:

Lack of security in shared web hosting. The server is shared among many organizations and individuals that the risk is more and the concern regarding security is less.

Another drawback is low speed. As there are plenty of websites using the same server, a possibility is such that one receives more traffic than the other.

This results in loading the server and affecting the overall speed. The end result is that the users are unhappy with the website as they are forced to wait for long due to a shared server.

The liberty of installing various programs in shared hosting is shunned. This is because someone else runs the server and they are the owners, not you.

The bandwidth is assigned to each user and in case a website exceeds the limit, the assigned bandwidth, the web hosting company having the server charges them extra.

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