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Features of Windows Reseller Web Hosting

Windows reseller web hosting can be defined as a type of web hosting in which the owner of the account has the facility to use the bandwidth and hard drive space allocated to him or her, in order to host different websites in place of third parties. Basically, a particular part of bandwidth and disk space is allotted to the account of the reseller.

Windows reseller web hosting is a well known hosting service and the reason for its popularity lies in its features, some of which are mentioned below:

Windows reseller web hosting uses plesk control panel as its hosting platform

Plesk's control panel permits an administration to build new reseller accounts, websites, email accounts as well as DNS entries via an interface that is web based.

Free host transfer is accessed by Windows reseller hosting

Windows reseller hosting gives you the opportunity to transfer your existing domain to some other site or platform.

Windows reseller hosting provides the users with fully managed accounts

Fully managed dedicated server permits productivity and great security. Here, the owners do not need to be system administrators.

Dedicated IP is available here

Dedicated Internet Protocol is a distinct web address which is bound entirely to one hosting account. Dedicated IP lets you access the accounts you hold by FTP at the time when the domain name is not accessible.

Unlimited FTP accounts can be accessed

Certain Windows reseller hosting plans let you gain access to unlimited File Transfer Protocol accounts. These accounts are used to transfer files between the server and the client.

Unlimited hosting accounts

Windows reseller hosting also gives you access to an unlimited number of hosting accounts. This gives the user several advantages.

Windows reseller web hosting is required for most of the Windows websites. One of the best Windows reseller hosting company is Hostjinni which ensures that you receive all the aforesaid features of hosting. The services of Hostjinni are trustworthy and beneficial.

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