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How Do MX Records Work

MX records are quite important when it comes to host a domain especially emails of the domain. MX Records knows as Mail Exchanger Records and MX records are the one type of DNS records that control and decide which mail server would be handling emails for a particular domain.

You can change and configure your domain mx records separately in case you want to host your emails other than your current hosting.

An MX record is configured to point to a canonical name which is commonly known as CNAME record, such as test.com or mail.test.com. The CNAME record’s hostname is configured in another record known as an A Record (Address Record), which points to the specified IP address as provided. That IP address which is added, would be handling emails for your domain.

You can choose any number of MX records as per your choice to point your emails. These are set into a chronological order, where the lowest number receives priority. Priorities can be set under MX records. Server with the highest priority will be used first to attempt email delivery. In case your server does not revert or failed to respond, your next set of records would be in progress and it would handle the email delivery.

You can do these changes yourself if you are aware of this, else you must take expert technician support and he will be able to do it for you without any issue.

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