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How to choose a dedicated server hosting for beginners and dummis

The decision about what kind of hosting service you will choose for your online business is an important one. One could choose between

Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Here we will discuss the advantages and the point to be kept in mind while choosing a dedicated server.


A dedicated server is leased or rented and is a single computer on a web hosting network dedicated to just one customer. The server software is generally maintained and controlled by the customer whereas the service provider monitors the computers network connectivity, hardware, and routing equipment.

Websites which require a more powerful hosting account as they have outgrown their standard accounts generally use dedicated servers.Dedicated servers are usually closely monitored by service providers who have direct access to them.

The advantage of using a dedicated server is the huge amount of resources and control available to the customer coupled with the added security.

Choosing the right Linux dedicated server depends on your business needs, technical requirements and financial constraints. It should be kept in mind that dedicated hosting services come at a price.Therefore,a proven web hosting company which is trustworthy and competitive should be chosen for long-term success.

Criteria for choosing a Dedicated Server

Determine whether you have staff on board who can do server system administration. If not, then you will have to look out for advanced services from your hosting company.

Processor: Fast and strong servers having multiple processors are needed for websites engaging SQL servers, CPU-intensive scripts or specialized servers such as game or chat servers.

Memory: If you are looking for fast loading on your website, then you need to decide on a larger capacity of RAM

Storage: The type of data that your website uses will determine the kind of hard drive you should opt for.

Bandwidth: The bandwidth of your server will determine the amount of data that can be transferred to and from your website. Depending on the nature of your website you need to decide the bandwidth.

Operating System: Windows and Linux are the two main operating systems used.Based on which programming language you used for the website, you should decide the operating system to be used.If you use ASP.NET or MS SQL Server, then try a Microsoft platform, such as Windows Server. However, if your website is designed using PHP, Apache, Ruby On Reseller MySQL you will need a Unix/Linux server, such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS or Fedora.


A dedicated server hosting definitely helps you in expanding the scope of your website. However, the more advanced a dedicated hosting server is, the higher is the cost involved. Therefore, before deciding on a dedicated hosting server, take a long, hard look at the specific requirements of your website and try matching it realistically with the budget in hand.

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