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How to choose reseller web hosting providers?

Reseller web hosting is the type of web hosting wherein a person/firm buys hosting service from a big web hosting service provider, and sells a portion of the bandwidth and hard drive space, allotted to it, to various other individuals or small business owners. The principle account holder has the right to host third party websites on this space.

The reseller purchases the reseller hosting from any service provider and then sells the allotted space to its own customers, possibly for a profit. The reseller allows third party websites to get hosted on its reseller hosting, by levying only a fraction of charges per third party buyer. Thus, the reseller gets its profit, meanwhile the third party vendors get their websites hosted at a marginal rate, as compared to buying the hosting service first hand.

Since the profits are quite sure, reseller hosting is mainly used by small medium business enterprises who want to make money by selling hosting to other small website owners and keeping the price much lesser than the existing big hosting companies. Thus, enabling the people, who cannot afford to form a big hosting company, get their websites hosted in the form of reseller hosting.

The reseller hosting has become a latest trend in the online industry. We bring to you some of the key points that you must keep in mind while choosing a host:

 Platform: You have to be very clear about which operating system you need to host your website on, whether Windows, or Linux. Windows, offers a wide range of applications, while on the other hand, Linux offers an economical and hassle free hosting service. So, choose according to your needs.

Comparison of features: Go through the tariff plans of several reseller hosting providers, and compare the features that they are offering. The key features include:

        Disk Space



Number of Domains & Sub-domains

Script support

Email accounts

Server Uptime

 Support: Most of the small business owners are not quite efficient with all the internet jargons, so you better choose the service provider whose support is excellent. Dont go for a cheap one who cannot get your problem solved.

 Last, but not the least, if possible, inquire about the parent company, whose hardware is actually being used. Make sure its trustable.

Keep the above mentioned points in mind to choose the best linux or windows Reseller hosting company

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