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How To Choose Web Hosting For Startup Companies

How To Choose Web Hosting For Startup Companies

Choosing a web hosting company for your startup business is not an easy task. There are so many hosting companies available that offers different hosting control panel, different pricing, and inclusions. You have to choose the best that suits your need and if this is a startup company website without not so much load and features, you can choose starting web hosting plans called as shared hosting.

If your website is using various features and functionality and having traffic more than a startup website and you need much better hosting inclusions and limits, you have multiple choice to select hosting. And below are the things you must know when choosing a web host at all stages of your startup.
What Is A Web Host?

Web host is a company who provide web hosting services to its customers and own a server where website and all its contents would be uploaded to visible online. This is known as web server and it is always connected too internet so all the contents of the website can be accessed as per the permission provided.

You choose a web host and then web hosting plan that suits your needed. In the market, there are various web hosting category known as shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS server and dedicated server. All of them have their different sort of advantages and disadvantages and pricing varies as per the inclusions and features.

Now the question comes, what are the pro and cons for these hosting and it is really very important to know before you choose a hosting company so we are now clarifying the facts about these hosting.

What is Shared Hosting?

When you share same server resources with different clients, it is known as shared hosting. Since it is shared hosting, you may experience slowness in website in case of excessive load on server. Shared hosting is considered as basic hosting service and suitable for startup websites with less web space and bandwidth consumption and not much features needed in plan.

Depending upon the company and their shared hosting pricing and inclusions, you would be provided shared hosting for single domain to multiple add-on domain with in the same control panel. You can upload your ready website to server or can also choose a WordPress theme to install and develop content to market it online. This is quite affordable hosting service for startups and you can find price between INR 1000 to INR 1500 per year.

What is Reseller Hosting?

This is only suitable for those who want to sell web hosting services to their clients. Reseller hosting is also shared hosting with an additional feature that allows you to create your customer hosting package in your reseller panel and earn great margin by reselling hosting. You will have control over your client account to manage.

So you need this only when you are willing to start your web hosting company. This may cost you from INR 699 to INR 2999 per month as per your customer base.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual private server is commonly known as VPS. There are different methods to provision a VPS virtually to create VPS under a dedicated server. This is same as you own / occupied a dedicated portion of a dedicated server where a specific limit of resources like RAM, disk space, bandwidth, CPU assigned. This is not shared server and you have full control on your VPS to manage it the way you want. You would be giving root access and full control over the resources with permission.

VPS tends to be bit costly than shared & reseller hosting as you have opted a private server. VPS is always suitable for small and medium business organization who want to host good and traffic intensive sites and want to have no sharing with others.

As per your need of dedicated RAM, space and bandwidth, you can choose VPS layers and this may cost you from INR 999 to INR 2999 per month. You can also opt and pay for control panel if needed, separately.

Dedicated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated server or dedicated hosting is a dedicated service assigned to you dedicatedly and there is no sharing of any server resource with any other client.

Dedicated hosting server are considered as best hosting service as you would have large amount of resources to use, you would have 100% root control to your server, you will have option to install or uninstall anything as per your requirement. Your server will be safe and secure as there won’t be any sharing client. Lots of benefits are there, if you choose but remember that dedicated hosting is quite expensive so you can choose if you have budget. This is good for eCommerce portals, medium to large organization, email marketing, web development project testing and many more. You can get a standard configuration dedicated server starting from INR 10000 per month.


This is still a question that which hosting service is best and the answer is, what is your budget and requirement. If you are a small company starting a business website, choose shared hosting, and if you are already established and need control on your data, choose vps server and if you are on a good budget and need reliable and good server with full control and lot of features or custom scripts and application, data security and all, go for dedicated server.

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