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How to compare different web hosting companies?

Comparing different web hosting companies is a must nowadays and so finding hosting providers offering reliable service is a bigger challenge. You need to learn to compare and get the best solution for your business considering these basic factors:

Experience: A big factor though basic needs to be given importance is the experience in this industry. In case even a small business hosting provider with 5 years experience can be considered that a big host having few months experience.

Platforms: Windows and UNIX are the two platforms, select that you are familiar with. Also note that UNIX platform may be cheaper as it is an open source and need not pay for licensing fees as Windows.

Uptime and Reliability: The service reliability is a big factor and so look for firms offering 99.9% uptime. Cloud and VPS hosting are reliable, but for large bandwidth you need to concentrate on dedicated hosting.

Cost: Be cautious to get swayed by cost. Cheaper hosting may provide very few services and a premium host can offer excellent solutions.

Online websites are established for varying purposes and so the hosting service required also depends on each individual. There is myriad of hosting services available, but it would be conducive to find a good service with these steps.

Step 1: determine your website needs as not all are created equal. Assess the aim of your website, do you need online transaction or e-commerce tools. This is important to determine the web hosting service type.

Step 2: consider features keeping in mind various aspects such as the bandwidth and disk space. Fortunately, the disk space and bandwidth offered needs to be double checked so that you are not suspended due to over usage.

Step3: E-commerce tools are essential for shopping cart, SSL encryption and multiple email account so that your website looks professional.
Step 4: understand the technical support offered and it should include toll-free phone, live chat and email.
Do not choose based on price factor alone as it may end in shoddy experience. Read positive reviews and decide.

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