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How to Download and Restore a MySQL Database Backup

Your data backups are one of the most important part when operating and maintaining a website and when your website is dynamic using database and having database driven content, it is also needed to take car your database backup time to time. In case you lose your database for any reason, you can easily restore your backup.

When you take your MySQL database backup, it will backup all your data present in that specific database. We always recommend to take the entire full backup to avoid any sort of data lose. We are going to help you in how to take the full backup in cPanel that would contain everything in that user account.

How to Generate/Download a Full Backup

You need to log into cPanel account.

Under the section Files, click on the Backups option.

Under Partial Backups > Download a MySQL Database Backup, click the name of the specific database you want to backup.

In the popup that appears, click Save As or select Save File.

Select a destination where you would like to store the backup locally.

Click Save and it will be saved at the specified location. 

Restore a Home Directory Backup

When you need to restore MySQL database, you can do it easily from the already taken backup.

You need to log into cPanel.

In the Files section, click on the Backups icon.

Under Partial Backups > Restore a MySQL Database Backup, click on the Browse button.

In the popup that appears, navigate to the appropriate destination and select the backup file you intend to use.

Click Open.

Click Upload.

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