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How to maintain an unmanaged VPS hosting server?

Virtual Private Servers are the right choice for people who are sick of shared servers inconsistent performance, but are not ready for dedicated hosting. In reality, dedicated is the best option, but is expensive. However, in all cases VPS hosting server is popular, affordable and effective among business owners.

VPS hosting is in two types, Managed and Unmanaged VPS. The Managed hosting is same as shared hosting where professionals handle and administrate your server. This gives you time to focus your business functions.

Linux VPS Hosting
On the contrary, unmanaged VPS hosting server makes you the key person responsible for configuring and maintaining the server. You need to install domain for process and software to configure mailboxes. The system software needs to be updated by you to prevent hacking. People with UNIX basic knowledge can spend time configuring the server.

However, ask yourself some essential questions:

Is your technical know-how enough to manage the unmanaged VPS hosting server and to perform the necessary tasks?

Do you have enough time to manage it independently?

All VPS unmanaged servers will include the below services such as:

Initial Base OS Installation
Host Server Network Issues Troubleshooting
Hardware Issue of Host Server

Managing unmanaged VPS hosting server implies analyzing the needs by determining your website functionality, customer traffic and speed. There is enough brainstorming in the maintenance of the server. However, the fact cannot be ignored that more freedom is enjoyed by unmanaged server users.

Maintaining unmanaged VPS server indicates, one should have a perfect knowledge of Linux operating system and to ensure reliability, uptime and server stability. They should be capable enough to handle issues regarding software, configuration and performance all by themselves. The network or hardware problems alone will be attended by the web host.

Advantages of unmanaged VPS hosting:
One can enjoy autonomous control of memory, usage, bandwidth, storage space and software installation.

Cost-effective solution.
No reliance on unresponsive support
An appropriate choice for businesses requiring high bandwidths.

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