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How to speed up your Website ?

The performance of a website plays a very important role in the liking of the website and the number of visitors it gets. The time a website takes to load and refresh and to transfer from one page to another can actually affect the liking of the website. A slow website can turn off the visitors and this might lead to the reduction in the number of visitors, the site has. There are several ways to improve the speed of the website that you should be considering in order to enhance the performance of your website and moreover get a boost in the popularity of your website.

Extra Plugging:

The very basic step to improve the speed of the website is to remove the extra  plugging that has been hanging along your website. Each plugging you add, contributes and adds to the loading time of the website. It is recommended to feed the functionality options by self into your theme and replace the pluggings and the functionalities directly in your theme. If this seems to be difficult then you can look for the theme that fulfills the requirements of the website from the wide range of website themes available.

Hosting company:

A good webhosting partner s one of the major requirements for a better performing website. Thus select a goodWeb Hosting Services in India which can offer you efficient technical support and also sufficient bandwidth and disk space as per the requirement of the website. For small businesses, shared webhosting is the ideal one, whereas for the ones with a well settled and big businesses, dedicated webhosting serves the purpose.

Catching plugin:

It might sound contradictory to what has been said above to remove as many plugins as possible but using a catching plugin is always beneficial for the speed of the website. Catching plugins are easy to setup ad manage and they enable a great performance to your website in terms of speed and loading.


This is one of the very important and crucial aspect of the website. The size of the images that are posted on the website greatly affect and also boost the performance of the website. It is recommended to upload or use the images of reduced sizes and in case you are using a large size image, reduce the size of the image ie compress the image before uploading. Use the image according to the size of the page you are uploading the image on. The larger the image will be the more loading time it will take.

Optimize your Data:

Make sure the data that is posted on the website is optimized. The optimized data\ helps you to get rid of the unwanted data that has been longing along with your website from long and has been affecting the performance of the website unwillingly.

These are a few of the key tips and points that you should follow in order to introduce a boost of speed of your website and reduce its loading time. These tips will surely help you to improve the speed of the website and the time it takes to load contributing to the overall performance of your website.

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