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How to transfer your website to another host

How to transfer your website to another host

There could be many reasons when you might be thinking to move from your current hosting provider. Server down time, poor technical support, problem with website loading, policy issues or something.

If you have made your mind that you have to move your web hosting to another hosting provider,, below are the steps you can follow: 

Step 1: Moving the website's files to new host.

Step 1: Moving the website's database(s) to new host (if any).

Step 1: Configuring your website application to work at the new hosting server.

Step 1: Pointing your website / domain's DNS to the new host.

Transferring the files to the new host

FTP is one of the most wonderful and easy method to transfer your website files to another server. You need to create your account in new server and create ftp login and connect in any file transfer application and connect and upload your files to new server. 

You can upload the entire backup file or you can choose customized upload as needed. If you are using a cPanel and your new hosting is also offering cPanel , you can take ftp remote backup on new server and it will move you’re all data to new cPanel  and the you can easily configure it. You can also take your hosting provider help in case you don’t know about this.

 Transferring the website's databases to new host

First you must generate a full backup of your website and keep a copy on your local machine and then you can separately export your database and can create database in new server and can import the db file in the new server. If you are using cPanel  to cPanel  migration, you don’t have to do this manually as this feature will move everything to the new server.

Application setup on the new host

Once website data and databases have been migrated, now you will have to set up your applications and this depends upon your website application in use. You can take your developer help on the same.

DNS changes

Once everything is set up on the new server, you must login to your domain control panel and change DNS to point on new server. You may have to add only DNS or DNS with the IP as instructed by your hosting provider.

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