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Know About the Types Of Web Hosting Services

Web hosting service in the internet is a means by which any individual or organization – whether profit making or not, can post any content through a web page or website in the internet. Web hosting has been gaining immense importance over the last decade with the growing importance of trade and commerce. Many service providers are launching new techniques and packages of web hosting. Such service providers are called web hosts.

 How to view a website?

Any internet user can view a website through which you are web hosting by simply typing the website domain address on the browser.

  Different types of web hosting

With the growth of online business and marketing, web hosting has emerged as the most effective and efficient means of entering and managing the web traffic. Several web hosting strategies and services are provided these days for online businesses. The most prominent amongst them are –

  Shared Web Hosting

  Cloud Based Web Hosting

  Reseller Web Hosting

  Virtual Private Server

  Dedicated Web Server

  Collocation Web Hosting

  Self Service Web Hosting

  Managed Word Press Hosting

  Linux Operating System

  Windows Server Operating System

 I. Shared Web Hosting

In this case of web hosting the website shares the server with other websites thereby resulting in low cost. However, this kind of web hosting suffers from a drawback that it has to depend on other websites in the same server.

II.  Cloud Based Web Hosting

It is a new web hosting technology that where many web servers work together thereby creating a new big server.

III.  Reseller Web Hosting

As the name says, reseller web hosting is another kind of shared web hosting where it consists of extra tools. These extra tools aid in selling the hosting space. It has huge technical control and often website templates are also offered for free.

IV.  Virtual Private Server

 Virtual Private Server though acts like separate and multiple servers but shares a single physical server.

V.  Dedicated Web Server

Dedicated server is nothing but hiring of physical server from the hosting company. This technology does not slow down the website due to sharing of resources.

VI.  Collocation Web Hosting

Collocation means renting of rack space from data center. Here one is responsible for his own physical server. The data center facilitates physical security, cooling and other facilities whereas one provides his own server hardware.

VII.  Self Service Web Hosting

This is probably the best web hosting plan where he is responsible for bringing in servers, installation of software etc. Other factors such as cooling, bandwidth, power back up etc. are to be kept in mind while designing such web hosting.

VIII.  Managed Web Space Hosting

Here you can keep a close eye on security threats and the web service provider keeps the WordPress settings updated.

IX.  Linux Operating System

Linux helps in managing the hardware resources linked with the desktop or main computer. It is basically an operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8 etc. The most popular amongst them is Linux Dedicated Hosting India which in a nutshell manages the communication between hardware and software.

X.  Windows Server Operating System

It is the most common operating system that is found in most laptops or desktops.

In today’s technologically advanced world, it is very crucial to have your own web hosting platform or share the platform with other trusted websites in the same server. Most of these web hosting services are offered by servers at low cost and high security keeping in mind the requirements of the customer organization. 

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