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Latest Trend in Web Hosting That You Should Know in 2018

Web hosting of any kind is simply enchanting. Setting up webpages for websites or web-stores and see them flourish is a fascinating experience. This is exactly the kind of joy reseller web hosting companies gets in India. Cloud hosting in India is in vogue. 

A reputed Linux reseller web hosting company needs to sort out the storage and manipulation of support. The support is crucial in guaranteeing the output of good websites. Web hosting needs to allow scalability and also customized the configuration. Therefore, it is fitting that you learn or keep in mind the following latest web hosting trends in India.

1. Green Web Hosting

Web hosting based on the reduction of carbon discharges counts as green web hosting. They can be improved by eco-friendly ways. Ensuring that people go green is certainly not easy, but it is a great step nonetheless. Feasible web hosting solutions are flourishing, and that makes green web hosting a huge trend. IT companies are moving towards greener business models, therefore there is scope for an increase in this.

2. DDos Attack

DDos or Distributed Denial Service Attack are malicious flooding of the server, with maximum requests sent at a time. This leads to stagnation and subsequent crashes. The year 2017 saw a large number of web hosting companies being affected. That is why 2018 will see a majority of web hosting companies adopt DDos protection. This will be part of the web hosting package.

3. Reseller Partnerships

Another trend that is slowly seeping into the web hosting domain is the bundled packages. This is expected by small business users. Niche-specific and price jostling has made it hard for web hosting companies to survive. It remains to be seen if the web hosting companies will allow the merging with giants such as Amazon. A really good reseller web hosting company though can easily strive independently.

4. Domain Name

A good domain name format needs to be upgraded onto. This adds diversity to web hosting. Continuing with the same old format can lead to boredom and lack of interest. But, with exciting domain name formats, there will be buzz and creativity at least with website names.


Understanding reseller web hosting trends are important before you look for web hosting services in India. Cloud hosting is also an emerging trend but as of now, it is the best option for web developers. Let’s hope it continues to stay and help in giving out awesome websites.

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