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Linux Shared Vs Linux Dedicated Hosting Server

What to opt for: Linux shared or Linux dedicated server? It is an obvious situation a business owner faces when his business is growing leaps and bounds. You may be an ardent follower of Linux servers, but which hosting server is best for you pose a challenge when you want to upgrade your e-commerce site. The choice of hosting server largely depends on the budget, website need and what amount of control you require over the server. To know which option is a better one, you need to know the difference between the different hosting servers.

Linux Shared Web Hosting: In shared hosting many websites are placed on one server which is connected to the internet. All the accounts have to share the available resources with the various other accounts on the server. These resources include memory, CPU time, disk space and many others. Shared hosting is like living in a Complex where all the residents share the available resources like playground, pool, gym and many more. The shared hosting is the most economical option as the overall cost of maintaining a server is shared by all the users. If price is the prime concern, you must go for Shared hosting. With fewer budgets, you can still make your presence feel in the hosting world.Linux shared hosting server has its own drawbacks:
Sharing Same IP: As you are sharing the same IP, you might be a victim of the crime like spamming, which other sites in the server may have committed.

Slow Server Response Time: If one of your neighbors has heavy traffic, most of the bandwidth is sure to be consumed and thus you would face difficulty in accessing because of slow response time.

Crashing of the Server: Overloading of the server can crash the server frequently if proper care is not taken.

A reliable hosting provider can definitely minimize the drawbacks for the clients.

Linux Dedicated Hosting Server: A Dedicated Hosting server is all yours. You are the boss of your server as you have full control over it. It is a type of hosting on the internet where the user leases the entire server and the server is not shared by anyone else. The organisations have complete control over the hardware, operating system and all other resources. You can customize, scale and control as per your need. If you are dealing with sensitive information along with strict regulatory standards, you must opt only for dedicated server as there are hardly any security issues with it. If you want to work with My SQL and PHP, with all security,Linux dedicated Hosting server must be your obvious pick. The only drawback of a dedicated server is the cost related to it, but as Linux is a free operating system, it only costs you time and hardly any money. You need to spend for the basic infrastructure not the service.

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