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Pros and Cons of Linux VPS Hosting & Windows VPS Hosting

The decision to choose a web hosting service provider is sometimes very critical. There are many web hosting service providers providing many options in this department. Certain key considerations differentiate these two service options. One of the major things which developers look for is a cheap vps hosting with cpanel. This enables the hosting of several websites without much performance lag.

While Linux has many advantages, Windows comes it with its own fair share of ups. The following is a look into the two and may help in making a clear choice depending on individual needs:


Windows based VPS hosting maybe high on performance and reliability but it is also more expensive than Linux. While, there are few who are brand conscious and may still want to opt for Windows based plans. However, Linux being an open source entity which is free has a definite advantage in this segment. A thing which users need to be careful of is whether an unscrupulous web hosting company is charging for the Linux based platform just as much as Windows.

Platform capacity:

Linux VPS hosting  is definitely considered to be a better performer than Windows. This is due to the fact that it is believed to be able to run a higher number of concurrent tasks with ease. Further, users keep mentioning how the reliability quotient is higher in Linux due to the various advanced and modern features which the program boasts of as opposed to Windows.


The windows interface has become second nature over the past few decades. The Linux interface is SSH managed. This makes it not as intuitive or supportive for easy usage as opposed to the Windows interface. Thus, the lack of deep end I.T. skills or technical knowhow will not hamper work much on a windows based hosting platform.


The kind of tech which the website will run on will also have an impact on the choice of hosting platform between windows and Linux. An Asp.Net will mean better benefits on Windows VPS eco-system integration. A MySQL or PHP will tilt the scales towards Linux based hosting option. The distribution options offered Linux via Ubuntu, CentOS or even Debian make it a good choice here. However, where businesses primarily use Windows programs, the regular smooth updates make Windows especially so if the database is MS SQL based.

Linux VPS hosting has many benefits but Windows has its own periphery of dominance. Hence, the final choice will depend on individual cases.

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