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Pros of SSD Hosting

SSD stands for Solid State Drive and SSD hosting as the name suggests make use of solid-state drives to persistently store data. Many customers do not understand the advantages associated with SSD hosting and here in this article we look at just that.


SSD is nothing but a storage device that uses the integrated circuit to store data in memory. Compared to HHD or hard disk drive, the traditional choice, SSD hosting is preferred more as it is resistant to physical shocks, has lower access time, runs more quietly, and has less latency. Here are is its many advantages:

300% Faster Speed: HHD makes use of electromechanical moving parts in order to store data. This means every time, a visitor enters your website and opens a page, the server disk spins in order to locate information and this usually takes some time and caused delay. You might not be aware of this delay as it is only a few milliseconds but this delay becomes evident when a large number of visitors are accessing your website all at the same time.

SSD hosting is an improvement over HHD hosting and since it is a flash storage device, there are no moving electromechanical components and hence, no delays. The web hosting speed is 300% faster than traditional HHD hosting.

Better Security and Reliability: Whether you go for Linux VPS Web Hosting services or anything else, you will surely enjoy increased reliability and security as compared to traditional HHD hosting. With HHD it is easy to lose data as HHDS are very sensitive and any mishandling on your part can cause irreversible damage. However, when it comes to SSDs, there are no mechanical moving parts and low wear and tear in the long run. SSDs are also associated with no heat generation, less power usage, and high durability. All these make SSDs less vulnerable to loss of data and any kind of damage to drive.

Highly Stable: Since there are no unstable rotating discs associated with SSD hosting, the chances of skipping data during data decryption and encryption process is very low. Thus, SSD hosting ensures that every single information piece is stored properly as far as your website is concerned. Thus, your website would always be up there working smoothly.

When looking for web hosting service India, SSD hosting is one choice that you surely must consider though it is expensive.

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