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Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting-Should You Go For It?

Buying the perfect hosting service for one’s website isn't easy. It takes in a lot of research and understanding of the various services, offered by various hosting clients. There are a lot of factors that depend on choosing the perfect hosting service, for example - the overall charges, facilities offered, etc. Therefore, should one go for unlimited bandwidth hosting? This article will explain everything related to that topic.

What Are Webspace And Bandwidth?

• Webspace is defined as the space provided by the hosting client, who do web hosting services, help to setup the website. Bandwidth is defined as the amount of bits or bytes present to transfer data from the website to a site visitor.

• The more there will be texts and images on the website, the more bandwidth it will consume for transferring. Web space and Bandwidth will cost more cash.

• Data is transferred in the form of signals via network lines, which also have a strict capacity. On the other hand, the web server hard drive space is also limited, and thus the capability is also up to a certain point.

How Much Webspace And Bandwidth Is Required?

Let’s say for example - a website has 200 pages. Then for that kind of website, a web space of only 50 Mb would be sufficient, but what about bandwidth? A 1 GB to 5 GB transfer bandwidth will be more than enough for a website of this caliber. 

Does Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting Really Exist?

Sometimes, when visiting a website, it shows off errors like that it has reached its maximum bandwidth - days like these one wish to have unlimited bandwidth hosting service.

Forget about Linux shared hosting - the phrase “unlimited bandwidth hosting” can be a marketing term for many users. By unlimited hosting, it means that the website will let unlimited traffic come to the website, without any restrictions. 

There will be days when the website will have visitors that is well within the site’s capacity, as most websites use very little. But there will be days, when the bandwidth will be exceeded, like for example, during any festival or shopping sale - during that time, unlimited bandwidth hosting will come in handy, to cope with the extra traffic.


The big question now to answer is, whether one should go for unlimited bandwidth hosting? The answer to this question will be a big yes. No one wants to see their visitors frown upon them, or let their online businesses suffer, only because of not going with unlimited plans. That's why unlimited hosting becomes an absolute necessity in this age of the internet.

Alternatively, one should also go through the client's terms and conditions, to know off various hidden clauses that may prove to be dangerous afterward. Therefore, utmost care should be taken when going for unlimited bandwidth hosting, as it's the customer’s job to verify everything before contracting.

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