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Unmanaged vs Managed VPS Hosting

Are you interested to know about managed or unmanaged VPS hosting? There is a real difference in its features and price. VPS hosting is an affordable and influential solution for small businesses and websites. Conversely, it is also difficult to choose a good VPS required for your website. 

Managed VPS

A managed VPS solution indicates your host is responsible to take care of your server and this responsibility involves upgrades, installation, security, patches, performance and troubleshooting of your server. This is a convenient and simple solution, but is more expensive to any unmanaged VPS. However, for a non-technical person, managed VPS is the right choice to stay free of worries.

Unmanaged VPS

Unmanaged VPS is an affordable solution. There is lots of features and it is cheaper to typical managed VPS. You need to take proper care of your server. The host offers the initial installation and sets up virtual machine. The responsibility is yours to implement firewasll, tune your server and install pactches for high performance. A non-technical person has no idea and this could be a painful process.

How is VPS better?

VPS hosting offers various web hosting plans and a few are reliable. Good performing companies are over-priced and demands you to be alert. Take your own decision and list the simple ways to your requirements.

Things that you need is running a webserver depending on your needs, however concentrate on these tips:

Secure VPS Software on VPS needs to be updated and patched
Install firewall
Configure and install (linux, mysq, apache, php)
Configure DNS
Install SSL certificates & control panel
Setting and running system maintenance and backup tasks
Precisely, there is nothing scary about managed vps hosting and it is not a simple fix with unmanaged vps to run securely. Yet, to enjoy VPS flexibility without tech blips and headaches, settle with managed VPS. In case, you want to trod with a brave face, get into unmanaged VPS.

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