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What is Linux dedicated server?

The current economic condition forces the CEOs, owners or top managements to lookout for reducing or lowering the cost and maximise the return on investment and in order to further the cause of lowering the cost most of the companies their initial plan for hosting is shared or dedicated hosting. Though website owners think that dedicated or shared plan for hosting can save cost but actually it is in fact wise and smart to use a Linux dedicated servers than windows as they are more affordable but also is easy to maintain and use.

What is Linux?
Linux is an open source computer operating system that resembles the UNIX and is free. It is available for closed systems as well and supports a huge number of applications. Linux is cheap as it is free and the installation of software like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and many more also is free when installed in Linux unlike Windows. More and more people are opting for Linux these days as the security level of Linux is also high and of course, due to the fact that it is cheap.

Advantages of Linux:
The following are the advantages:
Low cost
Easily convertible
Uses scripting language
Is highly secure

In fact most or bulk of the ecommerce today are now using this as it is not only affordable and lower in cost but can easily be converted to other servers very easily and effortlessly. There are basically three options to choose from as far as Linux is concerned. The most expensive option is Linux dedicated server and this used by websites that need to handle millions of customers every second and the entire resources of the server goes into the website and is also the most secured option. Shared servers resources are shared amongst more than one website and it is not a very viable option for websites that have to handle a lot of traffic.

This is also not a secured option. If the company fails to afford dedicated severs it is advisable that they opt for Linux virtual private server or VPS. The features of this server lies somewhere between dedicated and those by shared server. It might appear to some that setting up a VPS is quite challenging and you need to have a decent workable plan then think again. Since you are using Linux the sole thing that needs to be done is to pay for the subscription. There are many companies that support VPS hosting India and one such is Host Jinni that offers customized web hosting plans.

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