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What you need to know about virtual private server

A virtual private server or VPS is one of the most cost effective and flexible way for small businesses to get the best of hosting services without having to pay for a dedicated server. All companies are always not in the need of the power of dedicated servers and VPS is the best option between dedicated and shared servers for web hosting needs. 

 Working of a virtual private server:

A VPS is nothing but a server that is running within a server. There is a physical server that hosts various other servers that are isolated from each other completely. There is this software named hypervisor that accomplishes this and keeps each server separated from each other and the physical server as well. 

Each VPS has its own operating system that is independent of the others and thereby creates an illusion that it is using its own independent server. Also these can be rebooted independently. 

 Advantages of VPS:

There are various cheap VPS hosting plans available and you need to choose one that is suitable for your business needs. You can choose Linux VPS hosting India or best windows web hosting and all offers loads of advantages. They are perfect for businesses that are not happy with shared servers but at the same time cannot afford a dedicated server. The advantages offered are:

1. They offer more flexibility than shared hosting. There are options like cheap Linux VPS web hosting and top windows VPS web hosting where you can also customize your hardware and run your own applications.

2. The cost involved in cheap VPS hosting with cPanel and the others are much lower than dedicated servers. The rates asked by the provider depend entirely on your use and your package. 

3. VPS offers better security level that shared servers as you are no longer required to share space with anybody and their mistakes and resource usage would not affect your website up-time or accessibility. 

4. Root access: VPS provides root access as it serves as an independent server unlike shared hosting plans where you cannot customize your software needs.

5. With VPS, less technical knowledge is required as compared to dedicated servers as that requires a lot of manual configuration.

 Need: VPS is required when you want to run your own applications that are not allowed by shared servers and when your website resource requirements are higher than the one offered by the most costly shared plan. 

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