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Why a dedicated IP is required

IP address acts as an authentic address of the domain name and hence it's role is very important and cannot be taken lightly. Domain names are actually the shortcut of IP address and they are much easy to be remembered. For instance: www.websitename.com. 

The role of IP address with search engine rankings 

They have a very important role to play in Google rankings. The particular IP address narrates the story by keeping SEO as a perspective. The servers have huge benefit of having their personal IP address and in share hosting you are suppose to share your IP address and hence you may face threat also. 

In shared hosting in consequence of sharing the IP address, it might slow down the website and thus your ranking may suffer in comparison to those sharing dedicated server. This is concluded after extensive research 

How to verify if a website is hosted on shared or dedicated server? 

There are some websites available for checking the total information about the domain like IP address and the server type. Whois.sc is the domain information checker and will provide you with the every basic data which is basically required to check your website, whether it is shared or the dedicated one. The result will be very much satisfying. 

Difference between shared and dedicated IP addresses 

Every computer has an IP address, an IP address is basically a numeric address in 32 bit which is basically expressed as 4 numbers and differentiated by dots, for instance: There are two types of IP addresses..... 

1. Dedicated IP address: it is the personal IP address, specific for the website. 

2. Shared IP address: too many websites are shared on the single IP address. When you'll type such IP address it might bring you to some general page instead of the specific site. 

Owing to the increase in registered domain names and IP addresses websites share same addresses. Moreover the dedicated hosting is expensive. 

Who needs dedicated IP address? 

There are different companies who need it like.... 

1. The e-commerce websites need to have SSL certificate as they have to accept the credit cards online. 

2. The anonymous FTP means that any one using the FTP software can easily access files in your site. Because of this simple reason web hoster provides dedicated IP for the anonymous FTP function to make it work properly. 

Wrap up 

Dedicated IP hosting is any day much safe and is required only when you need some special access like SSL or anonymous FTP. If this is not the demand then shared IP will also work quite well.

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