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WordPress Hosting: The New Craze for the Bloggers

WordPress is basically free and open source software that helps one to customize the web theme. This is a kind of blogging tool mainly based on PHP and MySQL. The advantage of this software is that you can easily customize your blogs and run several static sites.
It is quite easy to handle and absolutely hassle-free. Now the question is why this application has garnered such an immense popularity. The answer is simple. With the introduction of this tool, hosting procedure has been quite simple and easy.

What to do?
At first you have to download a ZIP file of this application. And then it has to be extracted. Install the software in your PC and configure your user ID and password. The interesting feature of this blogging tool is that it bears web template system using a web processor. Therefore, you can easily work on at the back end in order to create menu, sub menu, side bar, footer, and the likes.

Why do bloggers want WordPress Hosting service?
It feels always nice to write blogs. You can unlock your inner most thoughts in your blogs. With the advent of social media, individuals prefer to share their thoughts with their near and dear ones. However, if you are bit ambitious and want to convert your interest into money, you have to of course depend on blog hosting service.

It would not be too much to talk about variety of themes available online which are helpful to customize the site. The basic fundamental of these themes is that the user does not need to take the trouble to get into the coding aspect.
Most importantly the content will remain safe and unchanged. You can install themes from the Dashboard and change the themes. For custom themes, you need to get into WordPress folder. Then enter the wp-Content to get into the theme. The theme folders contain many themes namely twenty eleven, twenty twelve and many more. Now decide which one you will work upon.

Two types of WordPress Hosting:
You can either choose free WordPress hosting or Dedicated WordPress hosting. Free WordPress hosting is apt for those bloggers who have not enough knowledge about the technical aspect of the software. Therefore, the facility offered by the free hosting is a bit limited. Certain issues like security and customer supports are not likely to be solved.

Despite the technicalities, Dedicated WordPress hosting is ideal when it comes to business website. You are likely to solve security issues with it. You can easily avail ample template to customize your web content and thus this hosting service is pretty effective and useful. 

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