- Never Reboot Protection

With great reverence we feel proud to be called excellent hosting company which efficiently offers "Always Up To Date" and "NEVER Reboot" service protections which is available for all of our Linux Shared Reseller, Linux Shared and Linux VPS plans at free of cost.

How we are different?

Generally, most of the companies offer shared/VPS hosting which will require physical reboot of their servers whenever new software updates, thus, results in adversity of downtime in your site and business at times halts for hours. Additionally, in order to overcome form this problem most companies will prefer to delay the updates until unless a suitable time for continuance in respect of client's data to security and reliability risks!

Why updates are necessary?

90% of attacks make use ofoutdated systems.

Obsolete systems have become risk prone in terms of well known security problems; yet few days is a adequately long window of susceptibility for an attacker to strike.

At HOSTJINNI platform we timely updates all of our servers as soon as a new update is hit the market!

Why are reboots a big deal for a hosting company?

Unquestionably, Reboots require thorough planning with rich supervision due to the high possibility of complications factors that arises frequently. Meanwhile, the services don't begin properly concurrently interruption creates ample of issues via separate system such as remote access, client applications etc. More specifically, the process of rebooting sometimes can require DOWNTIME (amid to off-work hour) for the hosting clients hosted on these servers. Hence, this is one of the mainreasons why most of the competitors are not capableto provide more than 99% uptime guarantee in comparison to our 100% uptime guarantee which is ultimately a great hilt!

How often is rebooting needed?

At Host General, rebootingprocess is highly expensivein terms of the security and reliability updates about once in month whenever new updates done for both the client and the hosting company on the servers requirement of reboot.

Meanwhile, at HOSTJINNI,our company does not require reboots whenever apply updateson the hosting server without maintenance time.

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