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Affordable Web Hosting Packages for Your Website

There are many web hosting packages available in the market and it is important that you choose a package that suits your website needs. No matter which server you choose, be it Windows hosting services or Linux hosting services, it is more important that you choose the right web hosting service provider as the performance of your website would depend on the services offered by the provider and not much on the server you choose.

The package depends on your requirements. If you want entire server resources always at your website disposal, then you need to for a dedicated server and if not, then you can go to a shared server. Dedicated servers are expensive and hence, most people opt for a shared server. No matter, what your requirements are, we at HostJinni can fulfill all and offer you the services within your budget. We offer Linux shared web hosting India package and also reseller web hosting packages if you are thinking of being a web host yourself and selling your services. 

All our packages are affordable and would surely be in your budget. We also offer the cheapest domain registration in India and also cheapest transfer deal. A domain is very important for making your brand credible and hence, make sure of buying one. We offer you budget web hosting packages worth just 1,299 INR per year and various others. Our packages support Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop, ZenCart and much more and so, no matter how advanced your website is, we surely can host it.

We offer 24/7 technical support and so, you can sleep in peace as we will make sure that your website is never down. We are an experienced web hosting service provider and we have been serving the people since 2008. We cater to the web hosting needs of more than 1500 satisfied client and that has not been easy. 

Our highly dedicated team, work day in and day out and stay alert to ensure that your website is up there and is working smoothly as we understand how important your website is. We offer different types of web hosting packages like Linux shared hosting India, windows reseller hosting packages and much more and you will surely get one that suits your needs. Our technical experts can also design special customized web hosting packages to meet the specific requirements and needs of your e-commerce website or any other website. 

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