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Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting Server

Ideal solution for high traffic business: In windows dedicated web hosting, the entire server is provided to the customer for handling its services. Thus the businesses that have huge traffic and clients request to handle must make use of the dedicated hosting service to increase their response time.

No hardware maintenance cost: Many people try to purchase their own server instead of using the dedicated hosting service. But when you compare both the solutions, a dedicated hosting service is much better because there is no internal cost of hardware maintenance. The customer only rents the server in dedicated hosting service and therefore any kind of maintenance on the hardware is performed by the service provider only.

Reimbursed in case of failure: When you hire a dedicated web hosting service from reliable companies like Host Jinni, they make sure that the server never faces any kind of failure issues. However in case, any kind of failure is experienced, the customers are reimbursed properly for any kind of loss that they might have suffered due to the server failure.

Controlling your machine: The dedicated hosting service comes in varying plans. If a customer possesses enough technical expertise then they can quickly opt for the unmanaged control panel and set their controls accordingly.

The dedicated hosting service is available for various platforms like the Linux dedicated hosting server and dedicated windows web hosting as well. The prices for each hosting vary according to the platform and the capacity of the server. 

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