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Difference Between Windows shared hosting and VPS

Windows shared hosting

With a windows shared hosting plan users can use multiple accounts on one server with specified partitions that are provided for each account. It is very cheap and affordable for small business entrepreneurs who will spend a minimum of $5 to $10 a month. 

Besides this you don’t have to worry about supervising the server because this job is undertaken by the hosting providers who will take care of all the tasks of maintenance. cPanel and many user friendly programs will be provided for your use so that your website becomes versatile.

This is very useful when you are on a tight budget and also when your company is small and you require only a little disk space and bandwidth. However, on the other hand, if you encounter any traffic spike, it could hinder the available resources on your server. 

However, this does not happen frequently or to be more frank, it has never happened in the past. Since you are working on a tight budget and you want to save a few bucks you opt for the shared hosting plan. But by doing this you are opting for many websites that use the same server, thus finding yourself stuck with too many pop up ads, etc.

Windows VPS hosting

Windows Virtual private server (VPS), by the name itself you will know that this type of hosting server is designed specifically to suit your own website alone and does not allow any type of website sharing. Though many people use the Linux hosting server, most of the business people prefer the Windows server because it is very versatile and you also don’t have the entire responsibility of maintaining the server by yourself. 

You can enjoy automatic updates and your hosting provider will always be around to assist you with any of the queries and also in maintenance services.  

For those running the latest e-commerce businesses the VPS server is very beneficial and highly recommended. Your business is big and you want more bandwidth and disk space you should definitely opt for the windows VPS hosting server. These packages are very economic and reliable at all times.

Furthermore, your windows VPS hosting company is with you 24/7 offering step by step assistance throughout which means you don’t have to worry about manually updating your server. 

When you install the VPS you get the entire package with start-up tools that are very useful for the smooth functioning of your hosting programs. This makes the website user friendly and enhances the business exorbitantly.

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