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Fully Managed Shared Web Hosting Service and its features

The shared web hosting service refers to the web hosting services where many websites reside on a web server that is connected to the Internet. This is considered as the most economical option for hosting along with the overall cost of server maintenance which is amortized among the other customers.

The concept of system administration is shared by many users. There comes the benefit for users who do not want to deal with it. The general shared hosting plans India is totally inappropriate for the users who require extensive software development outside what the hosting provider supports. Nearly all the applications are intended to be on a standard web server works fine with a shared web hosting service.

Features of the best shared hosting company in India

1)Round the clock technical services: We as one of the best shared hosting companies offer 24*7 technical support systems which are available on email, live chats and even over the phone. The user just needs to log in over the client area and open the technical support teams. The team professionals are ready to provide easy assistance with all the related queries without any network downtime. You can choose between Linux Shared Hosting or Windows Shared Hosting as per your need.

2)Long-serving period: We have a knowledge of over couples of the year in order to provide the best web hosting experience. It aims at increasing the customer satisfaction rate with over thousands of hosting clients and websites on a variety of server platforms. We shared hosting plan comes with fully managed support to handle your website.

3)Full satisfaction results: It has been seen that the best web hosting companies have over thousands of satisfied and active customers. These companies are very specific in regards to the overall ratings of their services. They also provide a vast number of plans with different hosting categories along with customized hosting options as per the client requirement or demand.

4)Automated facility with safe payment system: The shared web hosting company in India has a full hundred percent automated process for the order completion and the delivery through the online payment system. These are fully secured payment systems which totally avoids online frauds or any other issues in context with the debit card or the credit card numbers.

5)Enterprise-grade infrastructure: The shared web hosting company provide a full hundred percent network uptime guarantee with a hardware replacement guarantee within a reasonable time period. They have redundant network system with the enterprise-grade servers with 24*7 assistance and monitoring from the professional team experts.

The shared web hosting in India is cheaper than other hosting such as reseller, vps, and dedicated server hosting. It has a usage limit capacity. The hosting providers have an advantage of extensive reliability features. The shared hosting services offer basic web statistics support, email and web mail services, auto script installations, updated PHP and MySQL along with the basic after-sale technical support that is included with a monthly subscription.

It also uses a web-based control panel cpanel. In cpanel shared hosting in India, the provider is generally responsible for managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support, and other aspects of the service.

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