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How To Set Memory Usage Restriction

Memory Usage Restrictions in WHM/cPanel

Location - (Home >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Memory Usage Restrictions)

This function calculates and sets a new Apache memory limit. This limit applies to each Apache process, not to all Apache processes combined. For more information, visit the RLimitMEM core - Apache HTTP Server documentation.

Important: A process memory limit increases the stability of your server, but may reduce performance slightly.

Set a memory usage limit

To set a new limit for Apache processes, perform the following steps:

1.Select Enabled under RLimitMEM Settings.
2.Enter a value in the text box. The RLimitMEM value must be an integer greater than 1.
3.Click Save.

Restart Apache

After you set a new memory limit, you must Restart Apache in order for the change to take effect. Select the Restart Apache? check-box to restart Apache. Once you restart, the new limit will be set and it would improve your server stability and protect server from excessive memory users.

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