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How to Transfer Your Web Site to another Host

Transferring your website to another host is a daunting task for a non-technical person. In fact, it may lead to various other problems with the present host as they do not want to lose their customer. Know how to transfer to another host from your website:

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Download to your computer the website files

FTP all files by downloading to your computer. In case your website uses database, ensure creating copy before canceling the current web host.

Changing name servers

Log to your domain name registrar and alter the old name servers to new ones offered by new host. Precisely, they will look as: ns1.domain dot com.

Allow it to remain 24 to 48 hours so that it propagates in the internet. In case you wish to verify the name servers transfer, do a Whois dot net and get details of change in the domain name.

Upload to the new web host your files

Upload the website files to your new web hosting. The files that are already stored on your computer using FTP software can be shifted. However, ensure your database gets uploaded.

This can be done conveniently using PHP admin within web host cPanel. Once all the files get uploaded, enter the address of your website in your browser to know if your site is being correctly displayed. This is mandatory as at times few files fail getting uploaded. So, repeating the uploading process becomes inevitable.

Cancel your earlier web host

Prior to canceling the earlier web host ascertain you have transferred all your website files and domain name to your new web hosting provider.

Easy & Free Host Transfer

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