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How windows shared web hosting is beneficial for you

How windows shared web hosting is beneficial for you

Windows shared web hosting is one alternative way off web hosting that you can choose. It is true that due to its commercial character it is a bit more expensive, than Linux, but, this has some important advantages too which you may find suitable. Here are some of the benefits of windows shared web hosting.

Benefits of windows shared hosting system

The windows shared web hosting also have several benefits. Some of them are as follows.

Some websites rely heavily on the visual basic or .net framework. For those websites, it is imperative to use the windows set up. These languages are not used in Unix hosting, and therefore it is important to use the windows hosting, and not anything else.

It is generally said that this hosting set up is easier to use. Many people have an operating system that is created by Windows, and they have relative difficulty when it comes to using Linux. This is where the Windows system comes handy. This is a great idea especially for the beginners because using windows means that you will not have to learn a new language in order to maintain your site properly.

When you are using windows hosting, one more benefit that you can get is the support to classic ASP or ASP.net. It is a fact that many developers are still reliant on classic ASP, and therefore, when you have windows, this will be easier to support. Other than that, additional languages used for scripting, like Ruby or PHP can also be used in windows.

A lot of people use the very popular program for web designing known as Microsoft Front Page. Using this program is easier when you have windows web hosting, because, unlike Unix, in the case of windows, the extensions of Microsoft Front Page is supported by windows. 

Windows server is compatible to Access database. Therefore, if you have to collect data from Access, then, you will have no problem, since the windows server, will be effortlessly connected to that database. 

Moreover, if you need to use .ASP or dynamically database driven pages, it is better to use windows server, since Unix does not support the .ASP page. 

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