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Linux Dedicated Server - Premium Web Hosting Services

For some startups and large organizations, there is a need of dedicated web server hosting because of their increased traffic or any other requirement. The dedicated hosting websites have innumerable benefits over shared web hosting.

They provide the user with unlimited storage space and bandwidth and save the websites from getting spammed. We provide the best Linux dedicated server Hosting which makes the hosting of your site easier. Our dedicated team will give their best to provide you the astonishing features and this makes us the best in the market.

Why Us?
Yeah this is the most common question that a customer asks and we are proud to answer it. Our expert team and our dedication towards the customers make us the best and help us to stand out of the crowd.

Maximum Performance
You will be the only customer on a dedicated server which gives you the entire control over the server and full access to all the resources that we provide. This ensures you to have best in class performance. There is no need for you to worry about any issues while operating the website. If you face any problem also, our expert team will support you and provide you with required support. We are available 24x7 to provide our service to the customers so that they won’t compromise on the performance.

Best in Class Servers and Platform
We are bound to take pride while mentioning about the hardware that we use for our dedicated servers. We update ourselves with the latest technology and use the latest and thoroughly tested servers for Linux dedicated hosting server. We won’t compromise on quality or on any other aspect when it comes to protection of our user’s data. 

Users are provided with two hard disks which are enabled with RAID1 by default. If one hard disk is broken down also, the data is backed up with another hard disk. So you don’t worry about the loss of data. We are committed to provide our customers with best satisfaction which is why we support various platforms making it easier for our customers to use.

Best Customization and Speed
The user is provided with innumerable options to customize the site according to their requirement. From root access to cPanel control, everything can be controlled by the user. They can use and modify them to suit their needs. Our Linux dedicated web hosting will provide our users with maximum speed. The latest technologies that we use will give you the best speed. There is no need for you or your clients to wait as our provision of the server is also quick like our hosting.

Easy to Upgrade
A business will not remain same all the time, at one point or the other the customers or clients for a website increases, at this time our Linux dedicated server will provide you the best plans to upgrade. There is no need for you to spend a fortune for upgrading your site. It will be done at an affordable cost.

Choose HostJinni.com - No 1 web Hosting Company in India and we ensure you excellent hosting service experience.

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