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Michael BeDell promoted as CEO by Managed IT, Cloud and Security Service Provider Secure-24

Secure-24 is a globally acknowledged company with almost 650 members. Mr. BeDell has been appointed as the new EO of this company recently and he is really excited for this promotion and looking forward to serving the company in the best way possible.

About Secure-24:-

NTT communications company’s headquarters which is located in the Unite States at Southfield, Michigan was found in the year of 2001. This subsidiary NTT communications is specialised in delivering the mission of critical application hosting. This is also certified by SAP and is a proud partner of hosting, Cloud and HANA. More to that, Secure-24 is also a partner of Microsoft Silver and Oracle Gold. The extensive yet unique suite of services is extended to SAP hosting, managed cloud services, enterprise cloud hosting and disaster recovery options. Also, it is certified by ISO/IEC 27001:2013. Mr. BeDell, the newly appointed CEO will take up his works on and from 1stSeptember, 2018.

About Mr. BeDell and his words about this new journey:-

Mr. BeDell is a veteran of 25 years in this industry. Initially, as the Executive Vice president of Marketing, Sales, and Client Delivery, Mr. BeDell joined Secure-24. In numerous fields, Mr.BeDell became engaged over the last four years which includes overseeing the acquisition of NTT group of Secure-24 in the first half of this year. Before he joined Secure-24, he held the posts of an executive at Oracle, KPMG, AT&T, and USi.

As he takes up this new role, now the managed services of the expansion of the company will be led by him. He is replacing Mike Jennings, the retiring CEO of Secure-24. Jennings was a specialist in the field of information technology and was a serial entrepreneur. Since 2012, from the moment he joined Secure 24 as the CEO has revamped the business model of the company and the modern and technology data centres in order to provide the highest performance, scalability, and reliability for the Global businesses based in North America. So Mr. BeDell has a huge duty now onwards to meet the expectations.

Mr. BeDell is very excited about this new role. He said that he is thrilled to continue the strong expansion and growth of the comprehensive managed service offerings of the company along with the support of NTT as NTT is regarded as one of the largest and most innovative companies of the technology of the world. According to Mr. BeDell, the amazing personnel of Secure-24 and the commitment of the personnel to the success of the clients has been the strength of the company. He feels it is a privilege and really gratifying of working with such incredible professionals.

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