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Popular Web Hosting Company in India

The website HostJinni.com is a web hosting company India that is very well known. Here, we provide you with each and every type of web hosting service. These services include hosting for blogs and websites for personal use, website hosting for small businesses, hosting email accounts for organizations of large sizes as well as portals that are big and receive quite a huge quantity of online traffic on the Internet. Our servers are owned and operated by ourselves and we also have complete control over the management of servers.

At HostJinni.com, we provide our customers with technical support 24 hours a day and according to the customer's needs and requirements, we have brought in various hosting packages. We house shared web hosting packages, reseller hosting packages, managed and unmanaged VPS hosting servers, as well dedicated hosting servers. These are available for people to buy at an affordable price.

We at Hostjinni.com have a number of consummate competences. Out of them, the two most important ones are:

1. We acknowledge a hundred percent root access to all the servers and the services. The gratification of the customers and solutions to the problems are our main objectives along with providing our customers with cheap and affordable web hosting plans.

2. We also provide facilities of hosting transfer at no cost at all. If you choose Hostjinni now, you will be able to experience the finest and fastest web hosting service in India.

HostJinni.com is a very distinctive web hosting company, having its base at Noida, in Uttar Pradesh, India. The essence of the services provided at HostJinni is all based on value and quality web hosting services. These services are dedicated for both Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting.   Since the time of its development in the year 2003, Windows has been an integral part of Hostjinni.com. Since that very time, a lot of web hosting customers have substantially been served by us with reliability.

Hosting simple, mere websites is not the only task which is performed by HostJinni. We also facilitate our buyers with customer support for twenty four hours. It is another of the traits that we perform so that none of the respected clients have to come across any kind of technical issues and lapses. The experts at HostJinni.com also aid the buyers with the development of their online trades. This is done by making sure that their online websites are kept with more than 99.99% server uptime.

We at HostJinni offer hundred percent instant hosting account setup. Under this category, HostJinni.com also provides immediate registration of domain and setup of web hosting accounts in record time. As soon as the order invoice of a customer is paid, their hosting account is automatically set up through the automation process of web hosting and after that is done, the customer is all ready and set to initiate using his or her account. Yes, with us, it is that simple. So, there really is no need to wait anymore. Place an order out of the several unlimited web hosting plans India and enjoy all the facilities, services and offers that we at HostJinni provide you.

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