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Reseller Hosting With cPanel and WHM-Hostjinni

Websites are mandatory for the companies who want to get a presence on internet. Various companies offer these hosting services for their customers. One can go to any company in order to prove their internet existence. Reseller hosting is one of the best plans in order to become a web hosting company. The resellers buys a bulk plan from a hosting company and then divides into small sub plans and sell each plan to one person. This way any company can provide web hosting. The reseller should just get the permission from the shared server in order to sell the web server. There are various reseller hosting companies that offer bulk packages for reselling.

Low Budget

The Linux reseller hosting doesn’t require huge amount. It comes in low budget only. The prices of the bandwidth and disk space offered by the hosting companies are very less and budget friendly. The features of these reseller hosting plans are very advanced when compared to the other basic hosting plans. The maintenance charges of these reseller hosting plans is very less and if there are any issues with the server, the parent company will take the responsibility and will set all the things right.

Better Control Options

All the reseller packages will provide you with the complete control over disk space and bandwidth of a server. You can use it according to your requirement and distribute it as you wish. All the aspects of a website can be closely managed and controlled. You will get a privilege to use all the disk space for yourself or sell it to other users for their websites at your own rates. You can fix the prices and provide them with the services. You will get complete control over the website while any problems with the website server are managed by the parent company.

No Need To Worry About Security

There is no need for you to worry about security or any other things in reseller hosting. The only thing that you have to take care of is how to divide the space and allot it to people. The parent host company will take care of the security and maintenance of the server. All you have to is divide the resources and sell them to the other users at your own rates.

Reseller hosting is one of the easiest and best way to host a website. To get amazing reseller hosting plans, contact Hostjinni.

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