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A VPS is a virtual machine or virtualized server that runs its own copy of an OS. Technically you can define VPS hosting as a combo of dedicated and shared hosting as it mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment.

Is this the time to make your hosting decision? Are you thinking about VPS hosting? If yes, then you must be wondering what kind of operating system you should go for either Windows or Linux. Well, both operating systems are similar in many respects and have the same basic functions like run applications, allow user to store data associated with business, scale up resources as required, etc. There are also some differences between these two OS. So, before deciding about the VPS, just study in detail about the benefits of each of the OS. This will help you in selecting your VPS hosting.

Let’s talk about Linux VPS Web Hosting:

You might have heard about the open source platform or software. Linux is one such open source operating system. Linux is known for performance, stability and innovation. It has been adapted for many computer hardware platforms unlike any other OS. Linux VPS Web Hosting provides an isolated environment where the virtualized server has the capacity to share assets from primary server. Linux VPS Hosting India offers many packages that offer the customer more treatments and energy for their virtualized server at significantly lower costs.

Why Choose Linux VPS Web Hosting?

•  It is a cheaper alternative.

•  Linux is an open source, so you need not to worry about the cost associated with licensing fees or having any kind of software to   run with it.

•  Less server load as Linux VPS is managed by SSH

•  Better control

•  Privacy

•  Accuracy

•  It is perfect for the business that love cPanel and open source and want an affordable or budget friendly options.

Windows VPS Web Hosting

Windows is a commercial system owned by Microsoft so you may find it more expensive and this is not as strong as Linux in respect of integration with open source coding languages. So Windows VPS is best for those businesses that rely heavily on Microsoft program as this VPS hosting is only designed to work with Microsoft platform.

Why Choose Windows VPS environment:

•  This is easy to use/control/manage mainly for any window user

•  It doesn’t require any technical skills to manage it

•  It boasts a more familiar graphical user interface

•  Support from Microsoft

•  Ideal for users with database like MS SQL database

Hopefully this would be the useful post for you and help you find out which type of VPS is right for you.

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