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Web Hosting and SSL certificates.

Hosting company needs to provide an SSL certificate with the hosting service. This is mandatory to enhance confidence in the site and it will increase the goodwill and sales eventually.

What are SSL certificates?

SSL certificates are to authenticate the website identity to visiting browsers. This certificate contains the public key of the web server . This is used to encrypt information using SSL technology. The information during transmission is secure and thereby offers customers proof that the information provided will not be viewed or intercepted by others.

Why web hosting and SSL certificates?

The web hosting services offer companies secure web server. SSLs meet the needs of the websites with C-panel of the hosting clients and the domain, and these sites ask for password and personal information. Hence, a customer needs to offer his sensitive information before entering C-Panel.

Benefits of SSL certificate displayed

A. An SSL certificate demonstrates the hosting company is genuine for your business
B.The SSL certificates ensures safety and security for customers
C. SSL provides greater security of credit card information of your clients
D. Assists in boosting the confidence of your customer
E. Favorable to increase sales
F. SSL's encourage credibility of your website
G. SSL's are useful in building goodwill to end users and positive image
The effects of not displaying SSL certificate

The site will apparently lose potential customers
Competitors will have overall market control
SSL assists in building customers' confidence, brand image, trust and goodwill, and if they fail to display the SSL certificate to visitors, they will switch to sites displaying SSL.
Decrease in the conversion rate of visitors and will also affect adversely your profitability
Precisely, companies offering hosting services need to offer SSL with a hosting service as this keeps the customer website benefited and to stay secure.

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