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Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

Are you thinking of having your own website to experience the benefits of the internet boom but yet clueless without the knowledge of website hosting? Then you are just on the right web page. Here you will get the details on website hosting and will able to create an apt website for your use.  

Web hosting and other services are quite significant while designing and hosting a website. You will find a number of basic doubts about web hosting plans in India. Little discussion has been uploaded below for the readers to have a clear idea of Web hosting without any doubts. 

What is website hosting? 

Hosting a website stands for creating a web page for the public worldwide to go through. As you design a website the web pages are composed of images, texts, videos and other contents for the page visitors. 

However, people will find your website only if it is available on the internet. And to have your website available on the internet you need to store it on web server computer. After that, you require purchasing space on the web server. After storing your web page on the purchased space your website can be visited by the public.

What is a web server?

A web server is a computer where you can store the web pages of your website. It delivers the contents of your website to the visitors on the internet. The web server computer possesses high specifications. It is connected to the internet by the strong link. The Linux dedicated hosting in India has their own servers from where they rent you space to host your own website to make available to the normal visitors. 

What are the basic features of web hosting plans?

Let’s focus on some of the mentionable features that most of the web hosting plans provide in India.

Disk Space: Disk space is the space that is served to you by web hosting provider. You require disk space to keep your web pages containing images, audio, texts, video and much more. 

Bandwidth: Bandwidth stands for the amount of data that a website is allowed to transfer over a long period of time. The speed of your website is determined by the bandwidth. More bandwidth stands for more speed. If your website owns less bandwidth then your website will take more time to load. 

Uptime: Uptime stands for the percentage of time that a web hosting server stays up. 

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