- Server Load Protection

Poor performance of the website is #1 issue that shared hosting client normally faces. However, the biggest challenge for shared hosting provider is basically related to theperformance of the server improvement.

Unquestionably, with assistance of ourdynamism proclivity of the next generation hosting platformfirmly able to offer shared hosting plans with excellent performance and steadinessprotectedby means of a real time load protection against peak loads and malicious activities.

Our HostJinni Load Protection © protects in real time which complementary acts like the server's most significant resources and support against:


High CPU usage - basically caused by the other shared sites/users which in 100% of the time duration willattempt to flow a DIRECT impact on your site performance apart from the speed of the shared server. As a result, our system will cut off and identify any peak loads in real time to makewebsite more consistent performer with faster accessibility.


High Memory usage - memory occurred in terms of memory leaks in buggy applications hosted by other shared clients leads to shared sites under the malicious attack. Hence, our system will profusely identify and detach in real time any unusual memory usage, which results inproperly give protection to the rest of the sites/users hosted on our shared servers.


High I/O activities - High CPU and High Memory usage isthe main root cause for a server to become go down and expressionless results in unexpected downtime alongside other volatile implications (data loss, server corruption, etc.) requiring a hard reboot for better efficiency.


Through implementation of our HostJinniLoad Protection ® (100% Free), we brilliantly give assurance about our shared servers well effectively executes the performance without never go down due to High CPU/Memory usage. In union with our HostJinniLightning Fast Guarantee ®, we are profusely capable to offer a better-quality of hosting platform to all of our shared/reseller clients!

Always remember, single site can be the root cause of the complete shared server shut down, thus, it is one of the major consideration viewpoint when select the right hosting company for you and your organization!

How do i take advantage of this guarantee?
It comes for all clients and no action required from client side. However, the technologies that we employing are highly sophisticated visible on your site and in successionof the processes.

Which packages comes with hostjinni load protection available?
Our HostJinniLoad Protection is well suitable to get optimized and covered all of Linux Shared and Reseller shared packages.

What about if my website is causing the server load?
Our real time load protection system will easily identify and escalate the issue with copious attention by one of our administrators (available 24x7) that generally occurs if in case website under a huge load due to malicious attack or high traffic.Hence, our fruitful diligence of professionalism will work with you with several options accountable to acts in accordance to the term solution properly rely onrequirement and growth expectations.

What actions do we take?
Initially, we do examineastringently all of our servers 24 x7 administration for any unpredicted events and high server load. Simultaneously, we do verify review and take prompt action next to any suspicious or unusual activities noticed.

Does hostjinni charge some extra money for this service?
No, in accordance to the company's norm the protection is completely FREE complimentary add-on which acts like a part of our superior service with no cost!

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