Q: Which OS is being used for shared and reseller hosting?

ANS: If website is scripted in php, joomla, wordpress, html, Ruby on Rails (ROR) then Linux hosting will best suit and for that Operating System is CENT OS 10.0. If website is scripted in .net, html,, then Windows hosting will best suit. For the windows hosting operating system in use is WINDOWS 2008 Server (R).


Q: Is compulsory to take domain while taking any hosting plan?
ANS:  No, if any one wants to take hosting without domain then he can order. He has to place an order only for hosting.


Q: Can I use Static IP with any current hosting plan?
ANS:  Yes, Now days this is most common to use hosting with a separate IP. So only need to purchase static IP and the HOSTJINNI.COM support team will manage and create proper setting.


Q: Can I Host Adult pages, videos?
ANS: No, ICANN has assigned some TLD for the adult sites like .xxx and some Datacenters and Hosting Companies has authority from ICANN to host such sites.


Q: How much time a new domain takes to resolve globally after domain registration successfully takes place?
ANS: After the successfully new domain registration, it takes 24-72 hours to resolve globally because distributed database get updated everywhere worldwide from all registrar companies .This is universal process for every new domain to resolve. Yet after just creating hosting account any one can manage his website through control panel which provides instantly after making payment.


Q: Can I install any 3rd party server software at hostjinni server?
ANS: No, We already provide a fully managed control panel and hosting server to our clients.


Q: Can I host only domain from
ANS:  No, Not only Domain. Actually we provide domain with web hosting, not only domain. With hosting any one can take any number of domains according to Plan.


Q: Why the Reseller is different from Shared?
ANS:  Shared hosting is better if any one want personal and readable site.
Reseller hosting is better for those who want to sell again the server space that he gained from in RESELLER/VPS/DEDICATED plan and in turn so he can start business.


Q: How the Linux hosting is supportive to clients?
ANS: Linux hosting is very much supportive due to following reasons...
1:  Very famous control panel which enable to manage hosting account.
2:  Very secured due to UNIX / Linux environment.
3:   supports open source sites like php,ruby on rails(ROR) ,Jolla ,wordpress ,html . In which very easy to create sites in very limited time.


Q: How the control panel cPanel helps to hosting account?
ANS: With the help of cPanel  we can configure parameters such as FTP, Folder permissions, Emails, Auto forwarders, Front page extensions, Creating Application, Default page adding, Password protected URL, Auto responders, Domain, Email settings backup, Creating Multi Admin Users.


Q:Can I renew hosting with same price what I paid at for the hosting plan in beginning ? 
ANS:   Actually we provide one time concession to our clients as concession price .From next time its policy to make payment of promotional price.


Q: Can I get the money back if I will found the service would not come up to my standards?
ANS: Yes, Definitely. If anyone not gets satisfaction with our service then he can apply to money back.


Q:  What type of support do you offer?
ANS:   We provide the support through Email, Chat, Phone, and most secured way i.e. Ticket Submission. We provide level-1 support through phone and chat but level-2, 3, 4 supports we provide only through mail and ticket submission due to information security.


Q: Do you keep your server up to date?
ANS: Although we have advance versions of server components, yet if any good featured components hit the internet world then server quickly adopts.


Q: How long does it take time to setup my account after making payment?
ANS:  Accounts are setup instantly just after you have done payment. You will be e-mailed all your account information within minutes.


Q: Will you place any ads on my site?
ANS:  No. We never will. If you want to earn money from our ads you can join our web hosting affiliate program.


Q: Can I make my own website without help of web site developer?
ANS:  Sure, We provide RVsitebuilder, Joomla, Wordpress software to our clients and they can make site online within an hour.

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